Richard Butler & Marketing Legend Dan KennedyRichard Butler is a Central Florida based Marketing Consultant & Real Estate    Entrepreneur.

Richard moved to the United States in the early 90″s following a successful sales & marketing career in the UK Wine & Spirit industry.

He built his first web site in 1993 and started working with Real Estate Companies and Agents to introduce the power of marketing within this emerging medium. He also published his first e book in 1994 and enjoyed a modest part time income, from his internet properties.

Over the years Richard became a successful affiliate and took on board many of the emerging technologies and marketing strategies. He soon began to teach these strategies to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

He became an “expert” in video marketing and again developed a system for small business owners to exploit the SEO possibilities of a strong video marketing campaign.

Richard continues to work with small business owners and Real Estate investors, as well as developing a significant second income with affiliate marketing and is particularly impressed with the training and systems presented by the “Empower Network“.

Richard also owns and operates several businesses in the “done for you” arena, many of which are outlined on the RESOURCES page.

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