Elements Of A Business Video

Video marketing has proven to be one of the most cost effective marketing methods that yields the best conversion rates for offline and online business owners. However, one needs to know how to compose a video the right way for it to be a powerful tool. Business owners often wonder what to include in a video and how to arrange the different features. Here are some tips on the basic elements to include creating a good business video.

  1. Intro Screen- a good way to start your video is with an intro screen that has your company name as the slide. You can use your business logo or even use a well design business card as your intro screen material. This helps to introduce who you are to your viewer.
  2. The Body- the body of your video should then consist of a series of slides, photos or recorded video. They should have content that is relevant to the kind of video you are creating and the type of marketing message you want to send. It is important to use text callouts within the body of your video as it provides a constant reminder to your viewers about your business details. For example, you can include your website URL or business phone number or business address to appear as text at the bottom of your video.
  3. Background- the background refers to the audio content of your video. If your video is a silent video, always have background music playing in the background for a more professional effect. You can get free copyright-free music online and include it in your video using video editing software. Additionally, try to fade in and fade out the music at the beginning and end of the video for a better effect.
  4. Final Screen- the final screen should have your call to action message. You can use text to direct people to your website or to your business premises or to call your business number.

With these 4 basic elements, any business owner can create a high quality video for their business.

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