how do i find the approximate annual growth rate for my market?

I am doing research on starting a business. I plan to have 2 local markets; in my city and a very close and neighboring metropolitan; Austin, Tx.
My business has to do with the wedding industry, but a certain “niche” of the wedding industry. I can also see my business doing well selling online. as there are few that do this service and the ones I have found online do very well. How do I approximate the annual growth rate for my market if it includes four different variables: 2 different cities, internet customers, and my niche?

help please!

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One Response to “how do i find the approximate annual growth rate for my market?”

  1. Doctor Deth August 2, 2013 at 12:16 pm #


    I doubt you will find anything specific by city – the numbers of businesses in one area too small to be meaningful

    what you need to do is determine is there is already too many competitors for you to be successful

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