Should a Small Local Business Use “Pay Per Click” Advertising?

Should a small local business / entrepreneur spend part of their marketing budget on “Pay Per Click” advertising?

What is pay per click (PPC)? A Technology Word Definition from


This page describes the term pay per click (PPC) and lists other references where you can find additional information.

7 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Still Buy PPC Ads – Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land7 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Still Buy PPC AdsSearch Engine LandBut, even if your business ranks well in local search (and especially if you don’t), there are great reasons to consider some paid search advertising, aka “PPC …

How to Get the Most Out of Pay Per Click

With more and more consumers turning to search engines as their first stop on the purchasing path, companies that make the first page of organic search results are those that win business, even in a tough economy. But making it to the first page of organic search results takes work and doesn’t happen overnight. Recognizing this, businesses may turn to paid search to supplement their inbound marketing efforts. This webinar will discuss how to get the most out of your pay per click marketing campaigns and how paid search fits into your inbound marketing strategy. Topics include: * What is Pay Per Click marketing & when should you do it * How to size up your market with PPC * How to launch and optimize a PPC campaign

Pay Per Click 101

from Learn how to advertise your business on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft using ppc search ads.

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