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What are some good online niches to affiliate market in?

Hi, This is a longshot, but I’m getting into affiliate marketing, and would like to know if anyone out there happens to know some good niches to get into.

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What are the advantages of having a local stock exchange market?

I’m researching on Guinea-Bissau, and know that the BRVM Regional Stock Exchange is serving the country. But I wanna know exactly, why you will need a local stock market and the benefits of having one. Thnx to all.

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Can I cut sushi grade meat from frozen fish from the market?

I want to make sushi rolls, but my local markets don’t have sushi grade fish. I don’t want to order it online, and I don’t want to drive 40 minutes to get fish… Can I cut meat from thawed fish, like salmon or tuna, and use it in sushi?

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How does local inflation increase when the currency value decrease in foreign market?

Economist argue that when exchange rate decrease, the inflation increase in local market. I don’t get the link this two factors. can you explain?

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Effective Local Internet Marketing Presented By Market My Business Local

Market My Business Local, http://www.MarketMyBusinessLocal.com provides excellent marketing to give incredible company visibility to your local market and pr…

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What should I sell my wheat pennies for at a local flea market?

I just bought a roll of wheat pennies and am going to package them separately and sell them at a local flea market. What would be a good price to sell them at?

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how do i find the approximate annual growth rate for my market?

I am doing research on starting a business. I plan to have 2 local markets; in my city and a very close and neighboring metropolitan; Austin, Tx. My business has to do with the wedding industry, but a certain “niche” of the wedding industry. I can also see my business doing well selling online. as […]

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What is the lowest amount spent by the upper 25% of market customers?

At a local market, the average weekly grocery bill is $57.85 with a standard deviation of $14.25. Assume the distribution is normal. Use the area of the normal curve to answer the question. 67.40 is what i came up with. any one mind cross checking?

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How Do I Get into the Real Estate Market?

I would like to invest in real estate. I am early 40′s, have no debt, home is paid for, etc. I would like to look into buying real estate. I have spent alot of time looking at the local market and have a good understanding of it. But, at this point, I am not sure […]

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What aspect of market opening allowed international supermarkets like Carrefour to enter Turkey?

I know that Turkey experienced financial liberalization/market opening during the 1980s and 1990s, but I’d like to know specifically what aspect of market opening would allow an international supermarket like Carrefour to establish itself in the country, where supposedly there were only local markets previously (or maybe I’m wrong about that). I also assume this […]

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