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Businesses today have to learn how to promote and sell smarter. Fortunately, there is a smarter, better, cheaper, easier and faster way to grow your business …..

When you compare most of the options available for promoting your business, it’s clear that, for a business owner, using online strategies to create greater exposure for products and services in the marketplace offer many benefits and advantages. Most online methods of marketing and promotion are cost-effective, can be automated and measured in every detail and help to leverage your time and effort.

The problem is that many business owners simply don’t know how to utilize the online medium to its full advantage. Many businesses settle for putting up a website that is often no more useful than a static online brochure and then just hoping that it will magically work for them.

There is a cheaper, better, easier and faster solution. It’s called a blog.

Some of the more immediate advantages a blog offers your business over a traditional, static web site, are a smarter content publishing and management platform, more direct involvement with your customers, built-in capabilities like RSS feeds and search engine notification, and greater control and flexibility over the way your content is controlled, managed and distributed.

Also, it is way easier to promote and grow your business online using a blog than it is using a website (keep reading to learn why). Blogs can also help to give your promotional efforts greater longevity and exposure than traditional advertising media like newspaper or radio ads. (In fact, you can combine these, for example, making your current promotion be the home page of your blog, then sending radio or print ad visitors to your blog.)
What’s the difference between a business blog and a business website?

You can make a business blog look, feel and behave almost exactly like a website – in fact, many of the sites you are visiting right now are probably powered by a blogging platform like WordPress. Not too long ago, websites powered by popular web design HTML editors like Frontpage and Dreamweaver dominated the online landscape.

A significant difference between a blog and website is that you don’t need to know web site coding language like HTML to run a blog, or go through a web designer to add and modify content on your site. You simply add content to your blog using a text editor that looks almost like the one in Microsoft Word and hit the “Publish” button. This makes using a blog the perfect online marketing tool for most business owners.

Another important difference is that blogs allow you to have “conversations” and to build dynamic, interactive relationships with your site visitors, whereas most regular web sites tend to be more of a “one-way” street – you present information to visitors, but they can’t interact with you unless they contact you via a contact form or email.
What if you already have a web site?

Most business owners who currently already have a website, have probably discovered by now that updating their content is a major hassle. If they don’t have knowledge of HTML code, then making changes to their site, even small ones like formatting a sentence or correcting a spelling mistake, often requires having to contact their web developer, web designer, web master or an IT savvy friend, nephew, niece or neighbor, then waiting for them to respond and make the changes when they’re available.

If this is your situation, then you definitely need to consider adding a blog to your online marketing plan. A great strategy we recommend is to install the blog in a subfolder of your domain (e.g. yourdomain.com/blog), integrate it by making the look and feel of your main site similar (e.g. using a common header, using the same colour scheme, etc.), then promote your business using your blog and making sure you link your posts back to your site, for visitors who want more information about your products or services, to make a purchase, etc ….

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, then why not save yourself a whole heap of money on costly web development and a lot of hassle and time and just start with a blog?

With our blog installation services, you can be up and running and growing your business online in less than a week. Once your blog is fully setup and configured, you can easily start promoting your your products and services by simply adding short posts and articles about a variety of different topics related to your business.
Here are just some ideas for articles you can post to your own blog:

News about your business
News about your industry
News about your suppliers
Product / Service tips (how to spot quality, how to avoid paying too much or being ripped off, etc ..)
Product / Service benefits
Product / Service features
Product service reviews and comparisons
Information your customers would find useful, educational, informative, entertaining, etc.
Product training information
“How-To” tutorials (in written form, audio recordings, podcasts, videos, or a combination of all of these).
How your products, services or solutions helped others to solve problems, save money, save time, etc …
Customer stories and testimonials
Profiling customers
Profiling members of your team
Profiling your suppliers
Special offers, competitions, prizes and giveaways
New product releases, new range of products, etc …
New things coming soon to your business
Product recalls
Customer service information (e.g. how to ship product back, refund policies, etc.)
Links to useful resources and information
Top 10 lists
7 Things You Should Know About [insert your solution here]
3 Things To Beware Of When Buying [insert your product here]

etc …

As you can see, there’s no shortage of information to write about when it comes to promoting your business. In fact, everything you can say about your business, you can blog about!

Now … just getting a blog up and running is not really going to help you. You need to know how to configure it properly if you want to achieve the best results with the least effort.

You can buy “How To Set Up A Blog” courses, videos, ebooks and tutorials if you want to learn how to set up a blog yourself, or just use our blog installation services. We will fully install, set up and configure a WordPress blog for you in as little as 4-5 working days and you’re then ready to go.

The blog that we set up for your business will not only get your site pages quickly indexed in Google and other major search engines (usually in as little as 2-3 days), but we also configure it in a special way with over 20 essential plugins that automate and optimize some key aspects of your site, turning your blog into a powerful marketing tool for your business with built-in features that you don’t even need to think about.

You just write about your business and the automated system that we install for you goes to work for your business running silently in the background.

For more information about using a business blog to help you promote your business better, cheaper, easier and faster than any other solution your competitors are probably using then feel free to contact us if you have questions:

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